About Us


Company History

With only being in business since May of 2012, we are very much in the embryotic phase of establishing the business, but experience is another thing…

 ·   22 Years in the corporate sector working for one of Australia’s largest building materials company.

·     30 years of various committee positions at grass roots level, including 9 years of Presidency.

·      Volunteer roles include the trophy purchaser, the apparel purchaser, statistician, fundraiser and lots, lots more.

·      20 years of coaching at Association representative level.

Our Beliefs

At Top-Notch Trophies & Promotions, My Customer base is My Community, and with that comes a responsibility to support it as best as we can.  As a small business the following are some commitments we are passionate about;

·         Recycle packaging to ensure our environmental obligations are met.

·         Re-invest into the local community via strategic sponsorship.

·         Volunteer time is precious and our commitment is to reduce the downtime by consolidating our service offering.

·         Everyone deserves to be recognised for their achievements.  If we don’t have that special award, design it and we will produce it.

Our Business

The Team

Vision Statement

 ‘To provide a sense of recognition & distinction to every sports person and corporate employee of Victoria through the highest quality trophies and promotional items.’

 Our Mission

 ü  To provide a professional service offering that is respectful to the time of a volunteer.

o   With 28 years of committee experience, I understand that your time is precious.

ü  Design, manufacture, and deliver products and services that meet the unique needs of each customer.

o   If you have a unique trophy idea, talk to me and I will take it from concept to reality.

ü  To meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.

ü  Promote the time saving value by reducing 3 contacts into 1.

o   No longer do you have to meet with a trophy guy, a clothing guy and a promo guy, at Top-Notch I do it all.

Product and Service Offering

At Top-Notch Trophies & Promotions we have developed a product and service offering that is volunteer friendly.  It takes 3 contacts and reduces it to 1…ME!

Our products and services include;

Products                               Services

Sporting Trophies                    Engraving, Heat Transfer & Sublimation

Corporate Awards                    Screen Printing, Embroidery & Sublimation

Sporting & Corporate Apparel    Custom Designed Awards

Medallions                               Custom Designed Medallions

Products                               Services

Bags & Back Packs                  Logo Advice & Generation

Promotional Items

Name Badges & Display Cases  

Picture & Memorabilia Framing 

Caps & Hats

Plagues & Shields

Honour Boards

Why Choose Top-Notch Trophies & Promotions?

1.   The more you purchase from us, the larger the savings.  Therefore if you purchase your trophies, you receive discounts of subsequent purchases.  How good is that?

2.   With relationships to all the major suppliers of trophies and apparel, if what you are looking for is not on the shelf, then our custom made service will produce it for you.

3.   Our volunteer friendly offering reduces your time in meetings and allows you to spend more time with the things that matter, your families.

4.   Ability to source unique product overseas.

5.   We LISTEN and RESPOND to your every request.

 Our Guarantees

Guarantees are rarely considered until they are needed, but we stand by our products and services 100%.  Apart from the product guarantees offered by the respective suppliers, we say;



 Our Relationship With You

 Key Contacts

Principal Owner:      Rodney & Natalie Keyaerts

Mailing Address:      PO Box 3432

                              Wheelers Hill   VIC   3170

Showroom:              Factory 2, 2 Clive Street

                               Springvale   VIC   3171

Sales Enquiries:        Rodney Keyaerts


                                0466 698 168

Accounts Payable:     Natalie Keyaerts

                                9546 6411


Our Commitment to You

 At Top-Notch Trophies & Promotions we;

·         Listen                  to your requests.

·         Respond              in a timely manner.

·         Triple Check        your work to eliminate errors.

·         Deliver                a quality product to you.

·         Ensure                 a smile is implanted on your recipients face.