Customer - Del Papa

“My husband & I thought it would be a good idea to get our 2 sons a medal each from the tooth fairy after our 3 y/o fell off a trampoline & knocked his front tooth out. The eldest receiving one for being a great big brother & helping his little brother out. We had a photo of each the boys placed in the middle of the medals with the messages engraved on the back. The boys were so proud of themselves with their medals, they thought it was the best thing ever from the tooth fairy. Excellent prompt service that is definitely recommended. Thanks heaps Rodney.”


Customer - McLardie

“My sporting club requested a couple of trophies urgently from Top-Notch Trophies & Promotions. We received two magnificent trophies, of a very high standard by the requested date. I couldn't ask for better service. Great job Rodney